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Our Vision
Founder members of Shiv Shakti Education Society way back in 1989 had a vision to establish a great co-ed educational institution with its aims and Objectives to impart holistic education and to empower the society through education. They aimed to develop within young learners such potential which keep them attached to the elementary roots of Indian culture and ethos while developing in them the global outlook on life so that they understand -what it means to be human and to build a literate society. They knew that it is only education which helps one to raise the standards of life and to serve the nation. With this vision to serve the mankind Shiv Shakti Education Society established this esteemed institution to make every child a gift of god and pride of human race by transforming its young learners into more pragmatic, morally sound, professionally mature and socially sensible generation of tomorrow.
The mission of the school is to provide the right inputs to help the children grow up into caring and sharing individuals, equipped to make the right choices in life and grow up to responsible citizens of the country and the world.  

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